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New year, new calendar!

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👋👋👋 Hey! It's been a short while...

Approaching 2023 - we are 🚀 launching 🚀 the easiest way to schedule customer meetings in the industry!

Our 2-way appointment scheduling** was the first in the market.. no wonder Google decided to follow us 😉

** 2-way appointment scheduling lets your customers book appointments with you AND lets you invite them to meetings. It's like Google-calendar + Calendly combined.


Now, with an improved look&feel to help you manage your meetings 🎯.

The system is perfect for consultants, customer-facing personnel and companies who want to organize their business processes and create a better experience for customers.


Take a look at our innovative multi-option scheduling flow. You probably know this situation where you're trying to schedule a meeting and you ask for a few convenient time slots from your customer (or they ask you the same). We implemented this in software! Now you can propose up to 3 optional slots and one will be accepted!

Read more about our new appointment scheduling here: 


We're here to help you go personal with your customers!

Wishing you a blast in 2023!


To YOUR success,

Ilan and the team!