New updates and improvements to Consolto

  1. Pay-and-book feature launched!

    New Feature

    We've just added a bunch of new improvements to Consolto's booking system and you can now charge customers when they book meetings. This way you will see lower no-show rates while increasing revenue (thanks to a more streamlined flow).

     Ream more here... 






  2. Consolto's website rebranding coming soon!


    In just a few days, we're going to launch an entirely new website for Don't worry, our service is still the same (and improving all the time) and there's no action required.



    We wanted to give you a heads-up since our website will look a little different...

    We made an effort to make this website more clear, elegant and intuitive. In the coming months we are planning to put an extra effort in developing our knowledge base and support articles/videos for your convenience.

    As always, we're happy to hear your feedback and "our widget is always open" - 


    To your success,

    Ilan and the team 


  3. Exciting updates! 🚀


    We are thrilled to bring you some fantastic updates that will elevate your customer engagement experience. Here’s what’s new:


    ✨ Dynamic Video Widgets: Our widgets now support videos, making them more engaging than ever! 🎥 Learn how to set them up here 




    🔒 GDPR Consent checkbox: We’ve added a GDPR consent feature to ensure compliance and trust with your EU customers. ✔️ Learn how to set this up here 


    👀 Enhanced Customer Insights: Get a clearer view of your customer's journey on your website, empowering you to tailor interactions more effectively. 🕵️‍♂️


    🔧 Countless Fixes: We’ve squashed bugs and fine-tuned the system for an even smoother experience. 🛠️


  4. November Rain of new features

    New Feature

    🎸🎸 Take me down to the paradise city 🎸🎶🎵 where the SaaS is green and your chats are pretty 🥁🥁🎸



    🚀 Hope you're enjoying the time as we have a November rain of new features...🚀


    💳 Seamless Money Transfers via Stripe: Agents and hosts can now request payments within the Consolto chat and video chat, thanks to our new Stripe integration. Transactions are smooth, secure, and happen in real-time! Agent side (left) and customer side (right) in the animation above. Read more here


    🔗 CNAME for ClickNTalk: We're excited to launch ClickNTalk with CNAME support! This feature is currently in Beta, ready for our early adopters to personalize their URLs.


    📋 Leads Tab: Keep track of all your contact-form submissions with our new "Leads" tab. Organizing and responding to potential clients just got easier.


    🔒 Shared Private Data Concept: Enhance team collaboration with our new concept of shared private data within the team, ensuring that your team’s workflow is more connected and efficient. Read more here



  5. Consolto 2023 has launched 🚀. Invitation enclosed...

    New Feature

    Exciting times at Consolto! 

    New-Consolto newsletter


    We've just unveiled our revamped backoffice, sprinkled with some fresh features tailored for better remote customer meetings and collaboration.

    Dive into our upcoming webinar where we'll guide you through the new backoffice and share secrets on elevating your customer meetings to the next level with Consolto. 


  6. 🚀 Launching Consolto's Revamped Backoffice on October 15th!

    New Feature

    🔥 New Backoffice Alert! Dive into a revamped Consolto experience starting October 15th. Enjoy enhanced widgets, an admin overview of chats and appointments. Take a view of the new unified leads section. All set for a seamless transition.

    Enjoy :)

    revampted backoffice 2



  7. August'23 update


    Hey Meeter!

    The Consolto backoffice is about to go through a radical change. Around the beginning of October we are expecting to launch the new version.

    In the meantime, we're also working on adding a few AI assistants to Consolto's chat, video chat and scheduling.

    We'd love to know - what AI features or capabilities would you expect your Consolto to have?

    Add new ideas or vote for them here: 

    Copy of Copy of Copy of Template Faded-blue 2 (1)


  8. Consolto's Group Rooms & Group Chat!

    New Feature

    👋 Hi there,


     We've got some exciting news that's bound to make your day! 🥳 

    We just finished a 4-phase development vision:





    After a thrilling journey, we're ecstatic to announce the completion of the final phase of our mission – the launch of Consolto's Group Rooms and Group Chat! Now, connecting with your customers online is easier and more engaging than ever. 🎉🚀


    From instant calls 📞 when customers land on your website, to pre-scheduled meetings in our unique Group Rooms 🏢, we've got you covered. And let's not forget our revolutionary Group Chat feature that lets you have real-time conversations with your customers right on your website. Isn't that cool? 😎

    In fact, Consolto is the ONLY solution out there that provides both On-Demand calls (like facetime, whatsapp and.. your phone) AND Room meetings (like Zoom & Google Meet).

           Read more about our 4-phase roadmap delivered today.  


    But wait, there's more! We've also rolled out two important fixes:


    1️⃣ Improved Emails: We've given our emails a makeover for better readability and interaction. We hope you love this fresh new look! 💌


    2️⃣ Auto-Zoom on iOS: No more squinting at your screens, iOS users! We've fixed the auto-zoom issue for a smoother and more comfortable user experience. 📱✨


    We can't wait for you to experience these upgrades. Thanks for being a part of our journey and here's to many more shared conversations, successful meetings, and strengthened relationships! 💪💼🤝


    Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Until then, happy connecting! 🌐



    The Consolto Team

  9. Group scheduling is here

    New Feature

    👋 Hey Meeter! 🤝 (Ready to connect with your customers? 😊)



    📣 Exciting news! We've launched Group Scheduling! 🥳🗓️


    Now, Consolto takes care of ALL your appointment needs:

    🔹 Customers can book time slots 🕑

    🔹 Send invitations from your backoffice 💌

    🔹 Manage your schedule in the Appointment Center 📅

    🔹 Enjoy group capabilities 👥

    🔹 Experience seamless Consolto video chat 📹


    Plus, email reminders 📧 will ensure you and your customers never miss a meeting!



    🔗 Sync with your Google Calendar 📆, and you're good to go! 🚀


    Read more about our group-capabilities roadmap here: 



  10. March'23 notes with background-blur, HIPAA and more...

    New Feature


    We've been busy building Consolto to exceed your expectations and charge your remote customer meetings! Here's the latest: 


    1️⃣ 🌫️ Background Blur in Video Chats 🌫️ Say goodbye to distractions! Our new background blur feature ensures that you stay in focus during video chats, keeping the attention on you and your services. No more worrying about clutter or unexpected interruptions in the background! 📹 Read more about the perks and pitfalls of background blur HERE 


    2️⃣ 📆 Enhanced Calendar with Working Hours & Direct Action Links 📆 Scheduling appointments just got a whole lot easier! Our improved calendar now includes working hours, allowing you to set your availability precisely. Plus, direct action links in emails enable customers to respond to calendar invitations right from their inbox! 💌


    3️⃣ 🛡️ HIPAA Compliant 🛡️ We're proud to announce that Consolto is now HIPAA compliant! This means we meet the strict security standards required for handling sensitive healthcare information, ensuring the privacy and security of all your client data. 🏥

    4️⃣ 📞 Upgraded Call Recordings Page 📞 Managing your call recordings has never been more streamlined. Our revamped call recordings page offers a more user-friendly experience, making it a breeze to access and organize your past consultations. 🗂️


    Coming soon - phase 4 of our group-meeting vision. Read more ...


    Stay tuned for even more amazing updates as we continue to enhance the Consolto experience for you and your clients! Thanks for being a part of our journey! 🎊🎈

    Happy meetings! 💼👩‍💻👨‍💻